Apologies for any inconvenience but the restaurant will be closed on Tuesday 14th November and Wednesday 15th November.


Proscuitto di Parma e Melone
Parma ham & melon 6.95  

Sliced raw filet with parmesan shavings drizzled with olive oil & balsamic vinegar  8.95

Mozzarella con Prosciutto alla Griglia
Mozzarella cheese wrapped in crispy parma ham    7.50

Il Formaggio in Carozza
Fried mozzarella cheese sandwich topped with tomato sauce 6.50

Cozze Marinara
Mussels in a tomato, garlic & white wine sauce   7.95

Misto di Mare
A cold mixture of marinated mussels, shrimps, squid & prawns  7.95

            Fresh vegetable soup   6.50  

Bruschetta al Pomodoro
Garlic bread topped with fresh chopped tomato marinated in olive oil, herbs & garlic   6.50




Bowl of green marinated Italian Olives £3.50    Basket of Italian Bread £2.20   

Italian Bread with Olive Oil & Balsamic vinegar Dip  £3.95

Garlic Bread £3.25






Tagliatelle Marinara
Pasta ribbons with mixed seafood in garlic & tomato  12.95

Spaghetti Maremonte
Spaghetti with red mullet, fresh tomatoes & courgette 11.50

Penne Con Gorgonzola
Pasta tubes with gorgonzola cheese, tomato, cream & chili  11.50

Tagliatelle Con Funghi Pancetta e Pesto
Pasta ribbons mushrooms, pancetto, pesto sauce   10.50

Penne con Asparagi e Gamberettie
Pasta tubes asparagus prawns, cream sauce  £11.95



Pollo Zingara
Chicken breast with chili, pancetta, spinach, in a  cream sauce  12.95

Piccatino di Pollo
Chicken breast tomato garlic sauce topped with melted mozzarella 12.95

Pollo contadino
Chicken breast with onions, garlic, roast peppers & fresh chopped tomato  12.95

Pesce con Gamberi
White filet of fish baked with garlic & tomato topped with prawns 14.95

           Sogiola Martini   15.95
Filet of sole with smoked salmon, cream sauce, topped with asparagus       

            Filetto alla Martini   23.95
Fillet steak cooked in gorgonzola cheese in a cream & brandy sauce
with sauteed potatoes           

            Filetto Nerone    23.95
Medallion of fillet in garlic & pepper wrapped in parma ham in a cream sauce
with sauteed potatoes

              Bistecca alla Boscaiola      19.95
Sirloin steak in onions, mushrooms, chili & brandy sauce served with
sauteed potatoes

           Bistecca al Pepe Nero   19.95
Sirloin steak with black peppercorn in a cream sauce served with
Sauteed potatoes

              Fegato all Veneziana      16.95
Calves liver, mushrooms, onions, pancetta, chili

SIDES  £3.50

Selection of fresh vegetables & sauteed potatoes      Caponato Vegetables      Green Salad    

Tomato & onion      Green salad      Mixed salad    
Sauteed potatoes       Spinach      Pasta

As all food is freshly prepared please let us know if you have any dietary requirements.
We also have a daily specials board.

Opening hours
Tuesday - Saturday
Evening 6pm - 10pm